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Debt collectors set to make use of various contact outlets

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Bankruptcy

The process of going through extended periods of financial unrest can be stressful and harrowing under various circumstances. However, many individuals in Georgia may feel that one of the most challenging aspects of struggling with debt could involve the concept of dealing with debt collection agencies. While previously, the constant phone calls and letters may have proved intimidating enough as is, reports indicate that these agencies will soon be able to make use of additional means of contact.

Recent reports indicate that the available outlets of contact for collection agencies will soon increase in accordance with a new regulation that was finalized by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. According to reports, this new regulation will allow collectors to attempt to contact consumers through various outlets, such as emails and text messages. Reports also indicate that creditors may also be capable of contacting consumers through social media applications.

While these agencies are already able to reach out through phone calls and letters, there are limits in place that govern the amount of attempts a company can make through similar methods. However, this might not be the case for each new source of contact, as no information has been provided to suggest otherwise. It is also unclear as to whether one might be capable of refusing contact through the new outlets or as to what a person might have to do to achieve such a goal.

Dealing with debt collection agencies can be one of the most imposing aspects of experiencing financial hardships. Those who face similar challenges and wish to know more about their legal rights and available options could choose to seek legal counsel for guidance. An attorney can provide a client in Georgia with advice on how best to handle the situation and in developing a plan to protect his or her financial future by seeking relief from the burdens of debt.